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Different Types of Street Rods

Mike Sutherland : August 26, 2013 6:25 pm : All about cars

A street rod is a custom built vehicle designed for higher speeds and power than a factory built vehicle, and can take on many forms. Some are built from a standard every day factory vehicle, modifying the engine, transmission, suspension, and computer for increased acceleration, power, and handling. Other street rods are built from an antique vehicle. The chassis, interior, and even exterior are often completely redone for added aesthetic appeal, many times including customized design. A modern and more powerful engine will be installed, coupled with a specifically selected transmission with gears designed for certain traits such as higher torque and power, greater acceleration, or a higher top speed. A street rod is often built with a specific goal. Some are designed for higher top end speeds. These vehicles will be equipped with a transmission with higher gears, allowing the engine to propel the vehicle at high speeds and a relatively low RPM load on the engine. These vehicles will often have modifications done to the computer controls of the engine, including the governor and emissions regulator if necessary. The governor is a limiting device installed in factory cars to limit the power output and top speed of a vehicle. In everyday commuter cars, this is for the safety of the engine and also of the driver. However, this is something that would limit a street rod, and in many cases is modified or removed completely.

Other street rod vehicles are designed for quick acceleration. These are generally used in short heats or sprints. The vehicle will be have a transmission equipped with low gears, enabling more power output for a faster start and acceleration. The RPM capabilities will also be greater in the engine itself, as it will be run with a higher load on the engine. The computer in the vehicle will also be modified to allow for the increased pressure and speed in the internal components. The transmission will be designed for fast gear shifts with minimum power loss. The vehicle will also be equipped with tires and suspension components specifically designed for increased traction and grip on the road Besides power and performance, many street rods are also designed for aesthetic appeal. Some vehicles will be either lowered to ride closer to the ground, or lifted to look more like a monster truck or to allow larger tires to be installed. In this case, the aesthetic appeal is often linked to performance. A vehicle that is lowered will often be more aerodynamically suited, and will be capable of greater speeds. A lifted vehicle will allow for larger tires, which is another way of increasing certain gear ratios. The outer body of street rods will also very often be modified. Fenders may be modified allowing for narrower tires, or covered to show less of the wheels. A chop top vehicle will make the cab appear shorter for a greater streamlined effect. Hoods may be modified for increased airflow by installing hood scoops or modified grills. Customized head and tail lights may be used for a more dramatic effect.

Street rods are fully customized automobiles that are put together with different goals in mind. Many are made as personal projects by typical backyard mechanics. These individuals use their knowledge of automobiles to create their own dream vehicle. Others have the dream for a vehicle, but not the knowledge or desire to create it themselves. In this case, there are many specialty mechanics and shops who can be hired to create the perfect hot rod. Their knowledge and professional facilities will allow virtually any vehicle to be created. No matter where street rods originate from, the possibilities in auto design and capabilities are endless.  Street rods are an automotive culture that allows unique and powerful vehicles to be created and enjoyed by many people.

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Classic Car Restoration

Mike Sutherland : August 18, 2013 6:10 am : All about cars

Whether you collect vintage cars, are looking to buy an old car or have recently purchased a car for a fix up project you will probably need some help from car restoration services at some point. There are many ways to start looking for a good car restoration service and a wide variety of choice out there to choose from. It’s advisable to do your research thoroughly before you decide which company best fits your needs and requirements. It’s good to talk to previous customers and gain some understanding about the quality of the work and the reliability of receiving the type of service that was expected.

Generally speaking the types of services available will involve a thorough inspection of the car’s interior and exterior. All the car components, parts and accessories will also be examined and a report should be produced once the inspection is complete. The report will detail any damage to the car and how far the damage is repairable. The report should also advise which parts just need fixing up fairly easily and which parts are missing that will need to be replaced. The company should make suggestions such as repairs, cleaning, painting, body work or whether a complete overhaul is required. In addition, if there are requirements or ideas of your own that you have in mind in terms of upgrades you should also discuss these with the company prior to agreeing the work. The company may provide a consulting service where they will discuss your options and assist you in making the right decisions about your car. It’s important you feel happy and confident that putting your trust in this company will deliver the results you were hoping for. Once you have a mutual understanding the company can start working on your car.

Now that you have an idea about what kind of service you can expect from classic car restoration companies, the next task is choosing the right one for you. It goes without saying that restoration of vintage cars requires thorough knowledge, experience and can be executed with precision. First and foremost you need to do some self educating in the particular car and model that you own. It’s an important factor as this will allow you to be involved in the planning and maybe even the actual restoration of your car. It sounds obvious enough but you need to understand what you want so you can relay this accurately and effectively to the car company. Enthusiasm aside, they will respect you more and you will get more satisfaction out of your project. If you look for a company that specialises in the type of work or the car model you own, this will also boost your chances and make the process easier for sourcing things like parts and accessories.

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Outlaw MS News

: January 10, 2013 2:53 am : All about cars

Chassis Dyno services

Outlaw MS now offer “Chassis Dyno”. Get your engine tuned-up for optimum performance. Great prices.


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